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(Sounds like: san sal swaav)

Origin: Brazil, El Salvador, India


ROAST LEVEL 5 out of 5  

BODY 5 out of 5  

SWEETNESS 2 out of 5  

ACIDITY 2 out of 5 


This strong, dark three-bean blend of Arabicas has been ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers in South Asia and the Americas. 

Every bean we sell supports the charity Coffee Kids.  Where a three-pillar approach combining training, mentoring and seed financing has proven successful in improving the livelihoods of young coffee farmers up to an age of 35 years old. See how this great charity is shaping the lives of young men in South America, here.


Our Speciality Blends tell unique stories from their names... 


SAN – Derived from the Port of Santos in Brazil, where our beans are shipped from to be roasted in the U.K 


SAL – Comes from El Salvador, named after the country of where these beans are grown where coffee introduction began in the 1780s by two Salvadoran farmers from Ahuachapán. 


SUAVE – Borrowed from the Latin origin; Suave represents the charming characteristics that our famers unveil every day. Their strengths and sophisticated farming techniques ensure that everyone involved is respected, valued, and benefits from every seed planted. 


These beans are roasted slightly longer than their sister; the San-Sal Sundari, giving them even more of a rich and bold flavour. With a strong full-bodied espresso blend, its sweet caramel flavour is complimented with dark chocolate and a muted acidity. 


ROAST LEVEL 5 out of 5  

BODY 5 out of 5  

SWEETNESS 3 out of 5  

ACIDITY 2 out of 5 

San-Sal Suave