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We have a goal to redesign what you drink, how you drink it, and why you drink it. Along with complimenting recipes, food, wellbeing products and cognitive training, we are promoting overall wellbeing. We are looking out for you, our planet and would ultimately love everyone to have a healthy mind, healthy body, and live on a healthy planet.

A big goal, we know!

About us images]._edited.png
About us images]._edited.png

As avid travellers, we’ve seen with our very own eyes, the poverty and destruction that unethical large scale farming does to communities. Frustrated by seeing so many hard working people struggle, day in day out, for the rest of the first worlds’ benefit, we decided to do something about it.


Whilst we were at it, we developed an ethos where we wanted to support our customers and help provide a healthier mindset and body. We want you to feel part of a community of kindness and love. Love for yourself, each other, and the planet. 

All of our tea and coffee is fully traceable and we recycle the wealth directly back to those who work with us. As well as the numerous charities we support and donate to, we encourage all of our customers to raise awareness of worrying world issues and to support local organisations and be conscious of their carbon impact. 

We hope you enjoy life with us, on our Brew Planet.

Portrait in Park
Portrait in Park


Provide ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly
tea and coffee. 


Work with farmers that grow, protect and enhance ethical supplies of high quality tea and coffee. Improve the livelihoods of those who farm it, while taking a stand to ensure our roasting methods, packaging and office habits are as environmentally friendly as possible. 


We support and donate to multiple coffee based charities. From water crises to healthcare, we try our best to look after everyone in our chain. 

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Our Environment

Our world is so important to us and we are incredibly passionate about doing absolutely everything in our power to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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