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Social Responsibility


Teas are only source from Ethical Tea Partnership Farms and Estates.

Tea is a continuous crop. Unlike many other commercial crops, it can be grown 12 months of the year. For estates that value sustainability over quick profits, tea provides stable year-round jobs and value to its community. Unfortunately, many tea estates don’t follow sustainability principles. The results are lower yields, poorer quality teas, lower prices and less stability for workers, these low quality tea leaves are what's found in supermarket teas. By purchasing through Brew Planet, you can do your part to support some of the world’s most challenging locations.


Teas are not created equally. Unfortunately, environmental and social standards vary greatly. At Brew Planet, we're committed to dealing only with growers and manufacturers that exhibit a sustained commitment to the environmental and social ethics. If suppliers are found in violation of any of these standards, they are dropped from our supply list immediately.

Fair Treatment & Trading:

  • Zero tolerance for child & slave labor​

  • Fair compensation for workers

  • Free housing, medical care and education Reinvestment in infrastructure


Habitat Conservation:

  • Ecosystem Conservation

  • Wildlife Protection

  • Water Conservation

  • Soil Management and Conservation

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