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Embark on a sensory retreat with Moon Chai – a tea that harmonises the earthy depth of rooibos with the zesty brightness of raspberry. Each cup unfolds with layers of complexity, offering a medley of traditional chai spices that tingle the palate, finishing with the soothing caress of lavender to soften your day into evening.



Inhale the aromatic symphony that precedes each sip – a bouquet where the warmth of cardamom, the sweetness of licorice root, and the spice of clove converge, balanced delicately with floral notes.


Health Benefits:

Moon Chai is more than just a tea; it's a tonic for well-being. Rooibos provides a naturally caffeine-free base, rich in antioxidants, while nettle and rosehip infuse the blend with vitamins and minerals to support overall health. Licorice root and spices are revered in Ayurvedic tradition for their digestive and purifying properties. And let's not forget lavender, renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and better sleep. Each ingredient has been selected not only for its taste but also for its contribution to your body's harmony and vitality.


As you welcome Moon Chai into your daily ritual, you're not just purchasing a tea – you're investing in moments of peace, a sanctuary for the senses, and a natural partner to your health regimen.


Ready to indulge in the calming embrace of Moon Chai? Let this tea be your guide to mindful moments and wellness.

Moonchai Refill Pouch