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Discover the refreshing taste and health benefits of Zebragrass, an innovative Kenyan green tea. This exceptional tea offers light Japanese green tea notes with floral accents and an exceptionally smooth finish.


Zebragrass is crafted from premium green tea leaves grown in the high-altitude regions of Kericho and Mombasa, Kenya. These areas, situated 5500 to 6500 feet above sea level, provide the perfect conditions for cultivating a tea with unique character. Produced using traditional methods in small batches, this non-fermented tea ensures the highest quality and freshness.


Kenyan tea producers have recently embraced green tea production, inspired by Japanese techniques. This blend, made from a Japanese tea variety, showcases Kenya's fertile soil and excellent growing conditions. The result is a tea with exceptionally high antioxidant levels and low caffeine content, making it a healthy choice for any time of day.


With a rich russet gold infusion, Zebragrass delivers a bright cup featuring notes of grass, moss, honey, and delicate seaweed. This tea is a testament to the successful integration of Japanese methods and Kenyan innovation, creating a truly unique and beneficial tea experience.

Zebragrass Refill Pouch