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Discover the refreshing fusion of all-natural bergamot oil and premium Ceylon green tea with our Greener than Grey. This lively blend offers a unique twist on the traditional Earl Grey, delivering an invigorating tea experience.


Greener than Grey combines the finest Ceylon green tea with the vibrant essence of bergamot. Sourced from high-altitude gardens in Uva, Sri Lanka, and Tirana, Albania, this exceptional tea benefits from the rich terroir of these regions. The green tea is non-fermented and crafted using the orthodox gunpowder method, ensuring a high level of antioxidants and a low caffeine content.


The creation of this blend was a happy accident during a tea party in Newfoundland. The ingenious combination of bergamot and green gunpowder tea resulted in a delightful new take on Earl Grey.


With its pale yellow-green infusion, Greener than Grey offers a harmonious blend of sweet bergamot and the slightly smoky profile of green tea. Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or new to loose-leaf teas, Greener than Grey provides a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Greener Than Grey