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For those who wish they could have woolly jumpers on all year round, and for those who prefer a little sweetness to go with their sweaters, try some maple me-time. Maple infused black tea combines the feeling of being warm and cosy with the delicious, sweet nectar that autumn brings.  


This Orange Pekoe grade black tea is the perfect balance of distinctive Ceylon characteristics, with a satisfyingly sweet rendition.  


Immerse yourself in a colourful dream at the famous Canadian Carolinian forest in North America's most north-eastern reaches where the mighty sugar maple trees have dominated the forest from one end to the other, and where maple syrup has been harvested for centuries. Now imagine a squeeze of the real deal, dropped into your cup to sweeten your black tea. Stir, sip and simply enjoy.


This autumnal tea is available in 100% home compostable tea bags.

Maple Me-Time

We are busy building a better Brew Planet from 9th-19th July. Pre-Order here and all orders will be sent out between 22nd-24th July, where you will be kept up-to-date with your orders progress.