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A floral bouquet of air dried Jasmine blossoms infused with exquisite green tea. Embrace the delicate amora and savour the taste of Jasmine petals in this incredible light blend. 


Introducing Garden of Jasmine, Brew Planet's latest offering that is sure to transport you to the lush, rolling hills of China's Fujian region . The tea is a blend of green tea and delicate Jasmine flowers, which are handpicked in May for peak flavour and aroma . What sets this tea apart from others is its unique terroir and the region in which it's grown . Garden of Jasmine is grown high in the Wuyi Mountains, where the misty mountains and fertile soil produce some of the finest farms in the world. Fujian has a rich tea-growing history dating back over a thousand years, and its climate and geography create the perfect conditions for growing tea. The addition of Jasmine flowers elevates this tea, providing a sweet fragrance and delicate flavour that is both refreshing and soothing.


Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or new to the world of loose leaf tea, Garden of Jasmine is the perfect way to relax and experience the flavour of Fujian green tea with Jasmine. The tea's unique flavour and aroma, combined with its history and origin, make it an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a refreshing tea experience. Try Brew Planet's Garden of Jasmine and discover the perfect blend of tradition and flavour in every sip.

Garden of Jasmine Refill Pouches

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