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  • Do you sell tea bags or just loose leaf tea?
    At Brew Planet, we do sell a small range of home compostable tea bags, as well as loose leaf tea. The tea bags are made from a plant-based material called PLA ( Polylactic Acid) produced from the starches of corn, sugarcane, and cassava. Also, the sealing of the tea bags is achieved by ultrasonic vibrations and does not use heat, plastic, or glue. We offer tea bags in the following teas: Black Teas: Breakfast Club, 50 Shades of Earl, Maple Me-Time, The Christmas Market Green Teas: Garden of Jasmine, Kagoshima Kagawaga Herbal Teas: Calm o'mile, Hedgerow Harmony, and Peppermint Dreams.
  • Do all Brew Planet Teas have caffeine?
    No. All of our Black and Green teas do have caffeine. However, our herbal and rooibos range of teas are all naturally caffeine free.
  • How much loose leaf tea should I use?
    With every Brew Planet purchase of tea, we'll include a free brewing guide so you can get the best from your brews. For a general cuppa, you'll be looking at a heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tea.
  • Arabica or Robusta?
    We use 100% Arabica beans. Arabica beans, as opposed to Robusta, can only be classed as speciality coffee. Robusta beans are cheaper than Arabica, but it is also worse for the environment - and your taste buds! Robusta fosters use mono-cropping, the practice of growing the same plant every year in one place. Because Robusta is a more resilient plant than the delicate Arabica, it can be grown in more places, leading to large companies purchasing vast amounts of the rainforest, clear-cutting the land, and planting Robusta beans. When done excessively, mono-cropping erodes the soil and demolishes nutrients that make the soil nearly unusable. Arabica coffee is more difficult to grow than Robusta, meaning Arabica is more expensive, but the results are better and Arabica benefits from more complex tastes and flavours.
  • How should I store my coffee?
    No need to keep your coffee in the fridge, just in a cool, dark, place keeping it out of direct sunlight, heat and moisture. If your coffee is stored in a bag with a gas valve, squeeze out the air after use.
  • Can you tell me more about light, medium & dark roast coffee?
    Light roast coffee is a light brown colour and has no oil on the surface of the beans. These coffees typically have a crisp acidity, a mellow body, and bright, vibrant flavours. They highlight the unique characteristics of a coffee’s origin more than any other roast style. Medium roast coffee is a brown colour and can have an oily or matte surface. These coffees have a muted to medium acidity, and a rounded flavour profile. Roasting to this level reaches into the deep caramel sweetness of the bean, resulting in these coffees being balanced, well rounded, sweeter and slightly darker. Dark roast coffee is a dark brown colour and has an oily surface. These coffees have a low acidity, heavy body, and tend to reveal deeper, more complex, and darker flavours. The beans used in a dark roast are specifically chosen as when roasted, they naturally develop deep chocolate, nutty and caramel flavours.
  • Do you sell a decaf coffee?
    Yes - we source a medium-dark roast Brazilian single origin bean that is decaffeinated via the certified Swiss-Water removal process. 100% chemical free decaffination.
  • How much is delivery?
    Royal Mail 2-3 working days - £3.00 Royal Mail Tracked 24hr - £4.50
  • How quickly will you dispatch my order?
    We are a small business that focuses on quality and excellence. For this reason, we post orders Mon-Thurs so that teas and coffee are not held in Royal Mail storage facilities at unsuitable temperatures - we want your product tasting it's absolute best! If you order on a Friday, your order will not be sent out until Monday morning.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship anywhere in the UK, inc Channel Islands. Unfortunately at this time we do not deliver outside of the UK.
  • Will the package fit through my letterbox?
    That depends on what you've ordered! A lot of thought has been put into our packaging, not only have me made the most environmentally friendly choices we can, we wanted to get as much as possible through your letterboxes! 180g & 250g Coffee pouches and 50g & 100g tea refill pouches will all be sent out in letterbox friendly packaging. Caddy's, Tins and brewing equipment will be sent out in boxes that do not fit through your letterbox.
  • Can you supply for my business?
    Absolutely! Please contact us at for information and wholesale pricing, we can't wait to hear from you.
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